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About Us

Independently own NectarMeditech company was founded to own the Brand "Dr.Nutrinect" dealing with food supplements and nutraceuticals products. As company owner are both practicing doctors in India, they come across many nutritional deficiency patients and findings difficulties in having balanced nutritional foods regularly for many. We all know, there is a major role of food supplements in preventing early aging and many cancer and heart related diseases.


Dr. Rajesh Vekariya

Founder and Owner - NectarMeditech

As the company's director and an anesthesia consultant with 18 years of experience in India, Dr. Rajesh Vekariya has extensive experience working in various hospitals and strong ties to surgeons. When considering the prescription of food supplements, there is always a question of quality, efficiency, and pricing. This prompted Dr. Pradip Savaliya and his team to develop food supplements tailored to the requirements of normal healthy individuals. Eventually, these products can also be utilized for patients.

Dr. Pradip Savaliya

Founder and Owner - NectarMeditech

With numerous creative ideas, these nutraceutical products can be customized, branded, and modified according to customer requirements, facilitating export overseas. Since both doctors are engaged in selecting raw materials for nutraceutical products, customers can be assured of quality and efficacy. Given the doctor's  understanding of the value of human life, there should be no compromise in quality.

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